IGA Catalogue - 12/01-18/01/2022 (Page 4)

top up the snacks celebrating gorde made with me smith's nese just say made milky kitkat original milk chocolate classic tasty cheese te mire flavier bal con multi-buy multi-buy for for single sell $2.80 save from $3.30 nestlé chocolate blocks single sell $3.75 save from $4 utter 12 eli dairy milk cramelo honey soy chicken koala roc share me arnott's treas australian assorted sea salt creams crunchie dok sa buhe here crunchie perunchie са са red rock deli selected varieties save from $2.40 arnott's assorted creams 500g save from $2.05 cadbury sharepacks selected varieties save from $2 surd pascall marshmallow uncle tobys the natural innit red bull bu confectionery co wastancia colos lesnak party mix tasty cheese dip amb crackers real cheese energin calcium sro no artical colours or flanduns speck 124 carousellowiak 4x298.com multi-buy for red bull energy drink 4x250ml selected varieties $9.20 per litre or cadbury share selected varieties single sell $2.75 uncle tobys le snak 6 pack selected varieties save from $3.25 save from $2.05 save from $3.80