IGA Catalogue - 11/03-17/03/2020 (Page 4)

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proudly visit iga.com.au for more info cudowny cudowny slow roasted oxon & mustalo dairy milk dairy milk sea salt multi-buy multi-buy milic chocolat for cadbury chocolate blocks single sell $3.30 red rock deli chips single sell $4 multi-buy offers multix multix colour scents tidy bags handy ties colour scents tidy bags handy ties" colgate cavit protection list cert colgate multi-buy multi-buy for multix colour scents tidy bags with handles 30 pack selected varieties 8c each single sell $3 colgate zig zag toothbrush 1 pack or single sell $2.50 like us igaaustralia subscribe to receive the latest offers for details of your nearest store and other great offers

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