IGA Catalogue - 11/05-17/05/2022 (Page 6)

stock the pantry rates sales uncle tobys uncle tobys cheese rolled oats rolled oats quick sachets quick sashets classic creamy easy wac variety classic cheese uncle tobys rolled oats quick sachets 8-10 pack selected varieties save from $1.10 kraft easy mac 4 pack selected varieties save from $1.10 spc ausgemade dice fruit salad pack masterfood barbecue spc aussie diced peaches in juice sauce made in australia pack ast spc diced fruits in juice 4x120g save from 500 selected varieties save from 75c fi gong fried notes mos racks golden garde golden golden sarde eport indomie product golden pash golden pash golden pash crisco instant noodles 100% pure australian tjen tokom vegetable oi beffer buys goreng fred moodle golden circle fruit drink 6x250ml selected varieties $2.87 per litre crisco vegetable oil 750ml indomie mi goreng instant noodles 5 pack selected varieties save from $1.65 save from 300 better you'll find 100s of beffer buys at better prices right across the store buys new family site de sun brown rice nescafe bend43 var orange juice beffer buys beffer buys beffer buys sun rice family size microwavable rice 450g selected varieties golden circle juice $1.98 per litre nescafé blend 43 instant coffee 250g selected varieties

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