Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - 16/05-14/06/2023 (Page 3)

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make amazing prints with our wide range of esun resin & filament for 3d printers over 20 esun* resins in stock & counting! bio-based pla resin great for making model toys • low smell • high precision • smooth surface can be drilled esun eresin-pla shake well before use please avold direct sunlight or glare reach rohs esun eresin- bio-photopolymer resin high quality resin shake well before use please avoid direct sunlight or glare reach standard resin high quality resin with low viscosity • high hardness & rigidity • good moulding accuracy • easy to print thin-walled part • smooth printing surface esun eresin-pla pro pla pro excellent resolution • higher resolution & precision • high strength & toughness 2sun vater washable resin from available in 500g or 1kg water washable resin easy washup - great for large models • wash print in plain water • high precision • low viscosity • high release rate & gray