Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - 24/09-23/10/2021 (Page 4)

10% off development boards with wi-fi now wi-fi imbabwe 10% off esp32 development board with wi-fi & bluetooth microcontroller equipped with wi-fi & bluetooth connectivity memory & heaps of 10 pins nan now now wi-fi ∞ 10% off wifi 10% off wi-fi ою now wi-fi mini $2195 development board compact solution to your lot sensor node problem 80mhz microcontroller with பதி uno with wi-fi development board integrated esp8266 chip to connect your projects to the cloud without the need for additional mega with wi-fi development board your projects to the cloud without the need for additional meme reset di mini snda make your project wireless now now save 15% wi-fi save 15% урајоипр smart wi-fi relay kit bluetooth v4.0 ble module brings bluetooth 4.0 standards to your arduino project ♡ dht shield cah now ste otach leh ind new பட்ட save $10 now now save 20% yun wi-fi shield dht11 shield for wi-fi mini save 25% 433mhz wireless modules just just just years d.c milliamperes secondary sirocco view range jaycar.com.au rotary fan some gottes cec- here's a selection of the many electronics products we've been selling for decades! panel meters moving coil type 44mm hole available axial fan suitable for computers office machinery view range jaycar.com.au 72va el core transformer

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