Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - 24/07-23/08/2020 (Page 3)

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arduino environment monitor and air quality dust sensor module new detect ainsboro microparticulate particles new air quality sensor with co2+temperature detect a wide range of volatile organic • 5v input power only • ccs811b chip • precision ntc thermistor • board measures 36 x 20mm as small as 0.8um with this photoelectric detect cigarrette smoke • ultra low power consumption only temperature and humidity sensor module resistive-type humidity measurement • 1hz sample rate only digital temperature sensor module provides up to 12 bits of resolution and 0.5° accuracy through a single digital 10 pin multiple devices can even be connected to the same pin temperature sensor module provides simple way to measure analogue voltage that varies directly to one of your duinotech analogue • 21cm breakout only cable included only bluetooth v4.0 ble module brings the latest bluetooth 4.0 standards to controller module allows you to create a user friendly interface character by 2 line lcd display with backlight • contrast adjust knob • 4 bit arduino lcd library jumper lead - 100 piece prototyping projects active buzzer module the easy way to add sound to your to get your arduino beeping only only only only smart wi-fi relay kit an esp8266 wi-fi controlled spot new relay that you can trigger with an app from anywhere in the world 5vdc input power or 9-12vdc via regulator esp8266 module and microcontroller • screw terminal blocks screw terminal shields wiring for your arduino uno & nano area with through-plated holes for any components that require soldering new arduino starter kit over 200 parts to get your new arduino project up and running with a minimum instruction book to get you started • classic arduino uno board for interactive output leds and more! see website for details only new only from arduino breadboard layout prototyping boards your breadboard design without having side per row and power rails running the length of the board rgb led strip module strip of eight rgb leds which can be controlled by a single arduino chained and run from one pin • each channel has 256 brightness levels • current draw 500ma per module maximum breadboard power module adds a compact power supply to breadboard with 830 tie points with labeled rows and columns and adhesive distribution holes • 630 terminal holes from just only just jaycar* trade card in the trade? jaycar

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