Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - 24/04-23/05/2022 (Page 3)

prototyping accessories from just from view range jaycar.com.au prototyping boards transfer your breadboard design without having to rework it flexible light duty hook-up wire ip65 sealed abs enclosures just from just stainless steel tool set set of 5x115mm cutters & pliers for electronics solderless breadboard with power module and 64 pieces of mixed jumper leads jumper lead kits ideal for connecting devices for testing now just shake to generate random number save $10 wearable badges and electronic dice kits learn about how various components work including leds all for great value mains powered soldering iron 9v battery not included now half price uno board not included $995 clipe now save $10 in-store only now half price 3d traffic light kit build a dazzling array of ultra- bright blue leds which alternate between fifteen different patterns requires arduino compatible save $10 tweezers with led led illumination great jaycar value + bonus points pieces pieces pieces just just just crimp connector pack bonus double points assorted solder splice heatshrink pack quickly create sealed soldered joints in one bonus double points jst connectors kit bonus double points club offer club offer club offer