Jaycar Electronics Catalogue - 24/08-23/09/2020 (Page 3)

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finished project from parts needed arduino compatible duinotech learning kit over 200 parts to get your new arduino project up and you started • classic arduino uno board servo for interactive output and more! snake game once you have successfully performed some of the online of the old nokia phone and all of the necessary components are already included in the xc3900 kit to the left just see parts & step-by-step now only just just just arduino compatible keypad module compact 16 key touch interface for two wire serial data interface atmega328p mcu ic build your very own customised arduino compatible projects comes with uno bootloader and 16mhz crystal oscillator for arduino piggybacks straight onto your uno or mega • microsd card slot resistive touch interface save $20 37-pce deluxe modules package includes commonly used sensors and packaged in a clear plastic organiser see website for full list of induced modules diy game console build your own arcade joystick spade connectors || for joystick usb interface arcade joystick with microswitches ideal for arcade games and 10a max socket pt4630 plug pt4631 see website on how to program and modify your own games! and buttons suitable for arcade or anything that works with a usb joystick restrictor plate just • metal mounting plate and $1995 maycar just main shaft • removable knob save $5 build-a-game learning kit an arduino-based console that you can code or upload your favourite games driven by an arduino leonardo and features a 1.3" oled screen and illuminated arcade sealed polycarbonate button switches enclosures crimping tool also cut bolts with diameter blue & white colours available • 6.3mm spade connections only just just from also in the trade? trade card jaycar jaycar