Kincrome Catalogue - 02/05-30/06/2023 (Page 4)

kincrome ball pein hammers hickory hot price $29.00 save $15.95 save $12.95 hot price $39.00 save $12.95 from kincrome club hammers hickory from hot price! from save from $10.00 kincrome claw hammers leather grip > perfectly weighted and balanced > forged one piece steel construction kincrome ironkore club hammer > 4 x reinforced & fully welded steel bars in the handle > demolition and standard striking faces > textured rubber grip for improved shock absorption > hardened and tempered high carbon steel head kincrome from kincrome rubber mallets hickory > rubber overstrike protection from kincrome soft face hammers aluminium > die-cast aluminium construction > replacement heads available from kincrome sledge hammers graphite > overstrike protection hocoe hot price! $29⁰0 save $14.95 kincrome claw hammer > carbon steel head > hickory handle from kincrome dead blow hammers > non marring pvc construction > knurled grip ada crone enering kincrome pry bar set > hardened & tempered from chrome vanadium steel