My Chemist Catalogue - 27/05-16/06/2021 (Page 5)

rrp pharmacist only medicine polen ompeed zovirax $5.75 off rrp orale dual active antiviral antiinflam flammatory local net probiotic mouthwash impe $3.50 off rrp cold sore $2.30 off rrp virasolve cold sore cream for the relief of the symptoms triple action of cold sores and fever blisters compeed virasolve cold sore cream 5g compeed cold sore patch 15 pack for the treatment of recurrent herpes labialis oral healt ultra sensitma probiotic mouthwash discreet zovirax duo off rrp ask your pharmacist--they must decide if this product is right for you zovirax duo cold sore treatment cream 2g blooms peppermint or ultra sensitive mouthwash 375ml biotene bio dry dry mouth improved formula up to $4.86 off rrp holdtite $2.30 off rrp extra strength $30.00 off rrp clinically proven biotène biotène holds tight for all day confidence dry mouth relief mouthwash dry mouth relief mouthwash improved formula denture adhesive cream removes 100% more plaque holdtite extra strength off rrp hald's ht for a day confidence holdtite denture adhesive cream extra strength 589 orale net som net so ml biotène dry mouth relief moisturising orale vitality vitality precision toothpicks orale super fifty from renwes food & plaque food plaque slands cus new! cleansing tablets waterproor geen clean stick better than toothbrush brand used by dentists worldwide jordan* jordan* oral-b denture adhesive waterproof price off rrp jordan green clean dental toothpicks waterproof 15pcs or denture adhesive cream waterproof 40g oral-b vitality power toothbrush range swallow chew swish chewable tablets $7.00 off rrp $1.50 off rrp $2.01 off rrp swish away bad breath germs care for your sensitive teeth listerine goi tabs sensodyne cum listerine go! tabs whole mouth listerine listerine clean feel now on listine value listen value pack the go! registered trademark listerine mouthwash 1 litre + 500ml value pack assorted variants or go! tabs clean mint chewable tablets 16 pack follow the directions for use sensodyne seum rrp pack or mouthwash sensitive 500ml colgate value pack new colgate $4.99 off rrp colgats polident $2.81 off rrp smile recyclable tube colgate same trusted brand bulk pack polis twin pack $3.99 off rrp colgate smile polident price off rrp try colgate's new smile for good oral care range or spearmint floss 50m off rrp polident denture adhesive cream fresh or flavour free 2 x 60g value pack piksters interdental brushes 10 pack assorted sizes available essentialfloss essentialross close-up kool floss colgate cavity protection more alm aim orato orale colgate triple1 action =3 more novotouun oral-b essential floss mint or original 50m colgate toothpaste cavity protection or triple action 2269 close-up kool floss picks 150 pack aim toothbrush soft 4 pack free gift! black beanie

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