The Good Guys Catalogue - 16/08-29/08/2022 (Page 3)

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"all the heat is conducted directly where your cookware 拳 very quick and efficient way of cooking." chef josh lopez electrolux induction cooktop ehi955be samoove om sex westinghouse 60cm induction cooktop-black whi643bc features galore keen to level up mealtimes at your place? look for time saving-features such as power boost take the guesswork out of cooking completely automatically heats pots and pans to ideal temperatures for perfectly cooked meals every technika 90cm induction cooktop tgc9ind-5 only at the good guys fisher & paykel 90cm induction cooktop feasting made easy for an extra cheffy spin at home opt for an induction cooktop function lets you sit one oversized pan across two hotplates to cook even a teppanyaki banquet no-mess cooking with everything tucked beneath messiest cooks can clean up in never be stuck scrubbing off baked-on spills! a quick wipe and suitable cleaning solution will do the trick the good guys • technika ato enjoy energy savings omega 60cm induction cooktop oc164pp put-n bosch 60cm induction cooktop pue611bb5e since only the cookware heats induction cooktops are the most energy-efficient style you can buy and because less heat escapes no need to blast air-conditioning to get you through a summer cook-up either reduced energy cooking is great news for those energy bills - and the planet