The Reject Shop HOLIDAYS 2021 Catalogue - 22/11-19/12/2021 (Page 2)

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fun stocking-stuffers $3ea bah live love gerile good stuff bubble bath dern mas 1ppy tage novelty socks assorted designs warning sig $4ea puni more designs available in sture! $5 eu mini punching bag pune slogans mini voice changer hhhheeeeeeee sock crew rrrr caution beware known to have severe amooda swings warning genius >>>> at <<<< work pale ale novelty socks water melon socks novelty socks one stes novelty socks in a can assorted designs $12ea megaphone دهه dynamic volume control corre ages electronic drumsticks novelty megaphone with 2 functions or set of 2 electronic drumsticks novelty sushi socks opk the reject si-iop