Woolworths Catalogue - 17/08-23/08/2022 (Page 2)

check out what's new in freezer drinks snacks pantry introductory price standard shelf price $12 ea bulla murray street ice cream 1 litre discover your new favourite desserts - now in the freezer introductory price bulla murray st ice creamery to vanilla berty swit standard shelf price $9 ea peters mambon waffle bulla murray st ice creamer sacolate introductory price peters blah lah net standard shelf price $6.50 ea much moore ice cream 1 litre bulla murray st ice creamery vanilla bean chocolate cookies & fudge overload waffle udply becadent cookies & cream certic passionfruit & white chocolate vanilla bean advertiser promotion blah blah blah looks like a bon tastes like brekkie born different the fresh food people