Woolworths Catalogue - 15/03-21/03/2023 (Page 3)

snacks & confectionery save oreo double stuff care sunday oreo orig creme save violet crumble australia's violet crumble $3.5⁰ save it's the way it shatters that matters soda stream syrup 440ml $7.95 per litre milk pepsi choc max taste no sugar sodastream soda mix save or mcvitie's go aheads 218g mcvities spy slices mcvitie's digestives mith chocolate save pepsi sodastream soda max ahead! moccona cadbury 38¢ per ea apple flavoured indlegent mocha blends spacks lowe moccona mocha cadbury #imenpite & save save makes it better since 1927 darrell fea bullets raspberry white chocolate save arnott's gold label peckish fancies golden honey & soy peckish fancies aged cheddar & chives femton flavoured rice cracion darrell lea blocks makes it better new since 1927 mung rice darrell fea rice bubbles crispy milk chocolate peckish fancies rice crackers 90g arnotts obsession dark chocolate gouts set new flavour loc is fancy