Woolworths Easter Catalogue 2020 Catalogue - 08/04-14/04/2020 (Page 4)

drinks & snacks cudba dairy milk marvellous creations oreo save from $1.50 dairy milk cocoa made for mill ciocolat sharing cadbury dairy milk or marvellous creations blocks blocks 160g or lindt lindor or excellence block varieties oro oreo with tatto save olinas acad open celu date apric olina's artisan & savoury olinas adian cocks fig & blacx olive oreo chocolats gatha to top always fresh save always fresh resealable pack with 39x oreo cookies always fresh grissini breadsticks grissini crustini iv 31 32 mb oreo family pack 370g per bottle save $1.50 oreo save nu pure spring water 58c per litre purering

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