Woolworths Catalogue - 19/04-25/04/2023 (Page 3)

snacks & drinks advertiser promotion do your bit with every bite mars com save $1 per peoncly mars mars or milkyway bars mars snickers price please ecyc arase ecy $1⁹2 save gatorade sports drink or $3.20 per litre save nestle medium bars or violet crumble bars golden crumpets 37¢ per ea violet crumble save kitk save $2.20 golden bakery uncle tobys big bowl oats active teeth collect points* uncle tobys rolled oats quick sachets creamy honey big bowl health star rating gatorade save uncle tobys le snak dip & crackers 132g save no sugar uncle tobys delicious blends $3.5⁰ save kellogg's coco pops 375g or just right 460g uncle tobys lesnak cheddar cheese cath new recycle me now paper uncle tobys kellogg's coco rolled oats delicious blends real cheese queensland mango with macadamia coco pops health star rating chocolate crunch