Woolworths Catalogue - 05/05-11/05/2021 (Page 44)

we have the range that's loved by pets back save bow save wol bou dow bow wow rabbit ears pk 10 55° per ea off bow wow* bow wow $1.74 per ea all natural rabbit ears air-oried natural rabbit all natural pigs ears air-oried natural pork • $20 save from $1 save love rem lamb jerky love rem supercoat graine adult love em jerky dog treats 200g or love em straps dog beef straps supercoat dry dog food 7.5 kg with rosemary flavour australian made australian mata geron perfect for ustine advertiser promotion the meat cats love fussy cat meat as main source of protein proudly australian made off fussy cat available in a range of flavours and textures dry wet treats catterson cope perun out otro tussy cat save fussy cat save save 99€ crunchers grainfree fussy cat mince & morsels the meat cats love grainfree thuracan love fussy cat dry cat food 2.5 kg fussy cat wet cat food 12 x 80g fussy cat crunchers cat treats 100g $2 per 100g twice as tasty chicken groinfree timelon with beef & liver treats reux ou os focos the fresh food people

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