Woolworths Catalogue - 17/05-23/05/2023 (Page 2)

blueberry chobani greek yogurt chobani flip save streets golden gaytime original ice cream sticks 400ml pk 4- from the freezer save golden $5 gaytime specials price chobani cookies & & cream crunch dynamo dynamo professional $6.94 per litre buda price asee page 23 for details new season price chobani greek yogurt passion fruit mcobeauty kaina lash xtendlash australian hass avocados authentic strand 40% body wash #see page 36 for details off shoulders $10.5⁰ price chobani fit protein grown strawberry greek yogurt head & shoulders shampoo or conditioner 660ml $1.59 per off cosmetics asee page 38 for details palmolive skin food dove monicare the fresh food people contents click on the tabs to take you where you want to go fruit & veg meat & seafood bakery deli fridge specials freezer specials pantry health & beauty household cleaning for your pet bws