Woolworths Catalogue - 14/07-20/07/2021 (Page 2)

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get your woolies worth! contents specials click on the tabs to take you where you want to go australian afourer mandarins pro price oral-b fruit & veg superior clean sensitivity meat & seafood oralb protect prd health grown #see page 13 for details bakery deli price price save save ras arnott's tim tam timtam smith's doritos smiths and doritos big bags 380g party siz party size original fridge specials var troit tim tam original freezer specials $37° pantry chicken roasting guide for top tips on your winter roasts save $1.80 kg health & beauty steggles family roast whole chicken - from the meat dept household click here > steggles cleaning family roast chicken for your pet emily roast serving suggestion only bws abs the fresh food people ®

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