ALDI - Weekly Ad Specials, Flyers and Deals


Aldi is a well-known store chain all over the globe. It is a place, where customers are sure about the guaranteed quality of products. Shop’s exclusive brands can save customers up to 50% on their grocery list must-haves every week and Aldi current catalog will help everyone to stay informed of all actual and future deals and sales.

The Beginning of Aldi

The origins have their beginning in Germany in 1913, when the mother of two future owners of the famous discount store chain decided to open a small shop in the suburbs. By the end of the 1950s, Albrecht brothers owned more than 300 stores. First stores in the United States appeared at the end of the 70s.

Benefits of Aldi

A huge number of customers choose Aldi because here they can find the best quality products at the most possible lowest prices. Such enticing price settings are possible, due to the fact, that more than 80% of the products in all the stores’ chain are their exclusive small brands, such as:

  • Little Journey. The highest-quality baby essentials made with lots of love. Everything needed from wipes and diapers to quick snacks and full baby meals.
  • Simply Nature. Non-GMO food without artificial flavors, colors, hydrogenated oils and fructose corn syrup for healthier nutrition.
  • Specially Selected. Aldi Gourmet specials with the true taste of luxury everyone can afford.
  • Winking Owl Wine. An amazing wine for the wise and genuine experts. A cute little winking owl keeps an eye on every bottle to keep it safe until it gets your home.  
  • LiveGfree. Tasty gluten-free bread, glazed donuts, and cookies for those, who have gluten intolerance. 
  • Elevation by Millville. Fuel up more with fewer calories with snacks full of high-quality protein.
  • Earth Grown. Plant-based vegan products, free of substances produced by animals (eggs, dairy, honey, and others).  
  • Never Any! Meat and meat products without the use of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids.
  • Fit & Active. Affordable healthy food and ingredients for those, who want to keep themselves fit.  
  • Pueblo Lindo. Wide choice of Hispanic favorites at the lowest prices. Chipotle peppers and tortillas at your nearest shop.

Small exclusive brands allow providing the highest product quality without extra charges of well-known brand names and hidden charges for numerous marketing and advertising. 

Common Information About Stores

Nowadays it is one of the most internationally known company and has more than 8,000 stores in 18 countries all over the world, such as Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the United States, and others. 

Stores are usually open daily from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m., but information about open hours and Aldi new deal offers may vary for different countries and cities. So for more accurate information please check out the specific stores you need.

Aldi also offer their customers a variety of gift cards from 5 to 100 dollars at all stores of the chain. It is very simple to check the balance of the gift card just by visiting the website or a local store.

Aldi New Deal Offers

Aldi chain of stores has a huge amount of deals and sales not only holiday specials but also weekly and daily deals. But unfortunately, Aldi flyers and sale ads are distributed only via local newspapers or could be found in stores. That’s why our service can make shopping easier and more convenient. You can find here all Aldi weekly ads and sales just in one click.

The internationally known chain of stores allows customers to buy high-quality products at affordable prices, also daily and weekly deals make shopping more convenient. This is the reason people choose Aldi.