IGA Catalogue - 12/05-18/05/2021 (Page 3)

allen's classic allen's coca-cola snakes alive sprite party mix peanut butter crunchy peanut bufter multi-buy smook fanta 1.25 litre selected varieties $1.96 per litre save from $1.05 allen's medium selected varieties single sell $2.25 save from $2.60 bega crunchy or smooth peanut butter 375g save from $1.90 primo primo nestle double smoked lignan milo mission danish salahi naan bread sirena tuna in oil - italian style ni primo sliced or shaved selected varieties hot buy sirena tuna in oil 185g $18.58 per kg save from $135 mission naan bread 4-6 pack selected varieties save from $120 nestlé milo 460g save from 12.40 agar imainland mainland cheese crackers diros eye country harvest snap frozen connoisseur imainkans cheese crackers tasty extra tasty tasty mainland cheese block 250g or slices 10-12 pack selected varieties mainland on the go cheese & crackers 36-50g selected varieties birds eye country harvest frozen vegetables 500g selected varieties $4.40 per kg connoisseur gourmet ice cream 1 litre selected varieties boc per 100ml save from $1.50 save from 750 save from 65€ save from $4.10 buy products with to help special olympics support aussies with intellectual disabilities in your community special olympics australia

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