My Chemist Catalogue - 28/01-17/02/2021 (Page 3)

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30% off rrp dermaveen range! soothes repairs $15.99 & protects gentle hydrattion dealogia dermaveen dermaveen repair skin soap-free wash 35% rrp 25% off rrp qv face range! 130% off rrp aveeno soap free from soap hydration ego wash moisturise $11.96 off rrp ph balanced • triple moisturising 15% glycerin for action to hydrate gentle wash skin lotion added hydration • lightweight dermaveen extra hydration intensive moisturising lotion or soap-free wash 1 litre qv gentle wash 1kg or skin lotion 1 litre aveeno range! up to $13.00 off rrp skin relief beyond belief $4.56 off rrp oat flour qv face ultra calming moisturises the perfect routine to cleanse moisturiser - formulated aveeno aveeno triple oat benefits of avemide 15 and soap free complex oat extract soothes skin vitamin e to help soothe skin fragrance free hypoallergenic oat oil strengthens qv where beautiful skin begins refers to aveeno skin relief moisturising lotion barrier qv face ultra calming moisturiser 75g aveeno skin relief moisturising lotion or body wash fragrance free 1 litre "excludes baby & haircare thursday plantation skincare range! new $3.96 off rrp wisata goat goat goat soap soap soap goat goat goat soap soap soap larted edition kids goat goat goat gost soap soap thursday plantation tea tree concealer blemish stick light soap or medium 7ml moisturiser skinrele skin rebel 30% off rrp goat get your goat on under thway plantation any 2 for blemas goat soap 100g assorted variants 30% off rrp clearasil range! clearasil exclusive $2.00 off edlp $2.00 off edlp $2.00 off edlp goat cream goat moisturising cream clearasir goat goat moisturinin shampoo moisturisit conditioner $4.50 off rrp goat rapid action pimple cream goat wash goat moisturising lotion combat your pimples! varum reduces pimple size reduces redness visible results within 4 hours clearasil ultra rapid action pimple cream 15ml with any purchase over $39.99 from this catalogue in store promotion only cheese slicer free gift! cheese slicer not all products or promotions featured in this catalogue are available online please see back page for disclaimers

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