My Chemist Catalogue - 28/01-17/02/2021 (Page 4)

garnich from from palmolive range! helps end palmolive dettol more of what kill 99.9% what you don't of germs from thankyou thankyou we protect what we lo love kand wash refl palmolive of profit wand ^25% off rrp thankyou range! life-changing personal care from dove dove caring hand wash dettol hand sanitiser range price off rrp palmolive range "excludes haircare thank you hand wash range excludes baby dove caring hand wash go fresh or fine silk 500ml refill 12pricerre hand sanitiser kills 99.99% of germs fast from rea $5.00 off rrp garnier range! from garnier wine buy any alian keep it clearer wellness pack product to enter johnson's door care membership yora dome garnor johnson's body care aqium aqium thiế men hand sanitiser johnson scor care hand sanitiser garnier range price off rrp aqium antibacterial hand sanitiser range johnson's body care cream wash 1 litre assorted variants my mens grooming discounted 30% off rrp l'oréal men expert range! 30% off rrp selected schick range! l'oréal from want great skin? men expert l'oreal men expert l'oreal men expert vita lift energetic anti fatigu forage loreal schick hydros brdomer l'oreal mer expert schick hydro schick schick 5.action 5action hydro silk xtreme3 sensitive see trimstyle schick range for dry skin for powerful anti-ageing hydra energetic anti-fatigue vita lift 5 anti-ageing moisturiser moisturiser l'oréal men expert range 30% off rrp headgear styling range all $4.50ea! no more sweat range! from sweat 30% off rrp just for men haircare & beard colour range! 30% off rrp natio for men range! from natio natio natio high performance more just for $4.06 off rrp moustache & beard dalty face wash for men purifying face spf 30+ face moisturise sweat sweat sweat headgear headgear no more sweat range headgear styling range just for men haircare or beard colour range natio for men range not all products or promotions featured in this catalogue are available online please see back page for disclaimers

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