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clever ways real talk to geo kids to take medicine children's pain and medicating correctly getting your child to take medication can be a difficult task here's some pharmacist tips that may aid your technique and assist in improving your child's resistance and mindset to affirmation and plenty of hugs encourage your child to look forward to the role they play in taking what flavour they would like or allowing them to choose how they want to take their medicine – in a dropper or a cup back on one side of your child's mouth to help it go down fast before older kids may respond well to a reward system such as a sticker or stamp on a chart each time they take their medicine well to support your child and normalise the process process of correctly administering medication hagidimitriou is here to offer some tips for giving children pain medication using medicine safely means knowing what important is knowing how to dose your this into steps can assist parents greatly right for your child out our useful tips on how to weigh your child adjusted your pharmacist to show you exactly where on the syringe you should withdraw the liquid level to estimated key details including the active ingredient come in handy remembering later on go to the dentist we are here to help with managing the encourage you to visit or phone your local terrywhite chemmart pharmacy to speak to your pharmacist about what could be right for your child cmsterciale experts in care boost your kid's immunity but even the healthiest of kids get sick healthy growth and development for children trained jacqui hagidimitriou pharmacist manager terry white chemmart samford

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