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winterwarmers the difference between the cold and a flu? respiratory illnesses and share similar symptoms often come on fairly suddenly characteristics of a cold way to help your body fight off colds and flu is by boosting your immune system with porridge soups reheated to enjoy later! ginger tea ginger is linked to lots of amazing health benefits and can be enjoyed as a delicious hot oily fish winter months with less sun exposure sweet potatoes over halfa million australians were vaccinated by terrywhite chemmart pharmacists you may not know about the flu did you know? the flu has had many names over time influenza originates from the italian word influence of planets caused the flu be called sick as a goat instead of sick as a dog! there is no live virus in the flu vaccination - so you can't catch the flu from being vaccinated the flu vaccination is safe for pregnant women at all stages of their pregnancy* the composition of the flu vaccination changes every year to keep up with the constantly changing flu virus

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