Terry White Catalogue - 01/06-20/06/2023 (Page 2)

family members birthing parent family members the birthing parent is the most important person in the family to be vaccinated this is because antibodies are passed on during pregnancy providing initial protection until the baby can be vaccinated vaccinating other family members helps minimise the chances of whooping cough cough-vaccinate-for-free-when-pregnant-brochure-brochure-protect-your-baby-from-whooping- cough-vaccinate-for-free-when-pregnant-tri-fold.pdf can i get whooping cough from the vaccine? the immune system to create antibodies but cannot cause the disease itself pregnancy-what-expectant-mothers-need-to-know muscle pain fatigue are there any side effects? these are usually mild and similar to side effects from other vaccinations timesaver! it's safe to receive your whooping cough booster at the same time as your covid-19 and flu vaccinations^ pain at the injection site it works! vaccinating during pregnancy reduces whooping cough disease in babies aged less pregnant-brochure-brochure-protect-your-baby-from-whooping-cough-pamphlets.pdf