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q&a whooping cough + need another vaccination after birth? five doses is considered the full course of whooping cough vaccination and the best defence cough + pregnancy do i need another one? recommended during each pregnancy when-pregnant-brochure-brochure-protect-your-baby-from-whooping-cough-vaccinate-for-free-when-pregnant-tri-fold.pdf under the national immunisation ● ● humanitarian entrants of any age can get a free booster pertussis-immunisation-service ||||| real talk with diana hanna your whooping cough booster is the best new family when someone close to us announces a new something special child is expecting their first or fifth baby if you expect to spend time with the newborn before they complete their whooping have your booster why is a whooping cough booster important? ● ● ● contagious bacterial infection and outbreaks spread easily in families daycares and kindergartens not every infected person is symptomatic meaning you can pass on the infection without knowing you have it babies under six months old are the most at-risk group babies' symptoms can evolve very quickly and develop into complications these complications can be very and pneumonia most at risk if you are expecting a baby or will be you can give the little one book your whooping cough vaccination children#contagious diana hanna pharmacist terrywhite chemmart