Atlantic Superstore Flyer - 12/09-12/15/2021 (Page 3)

atlantic food lovers unite sale save $1.50 lb superstore the $109 no tax event pork loin combination chops sirloin and rib portion bone-in save this week medium ground beef family size poustomer is responsible for the payment of any applicable depositor atlantic save 98 sale save $1 peoptimum load to get $2.99 ea tarmer's market delices pu marche buy 2 get farmer's market carrots or onions product of atlantic tes des carrots carottes farmer's market navel oranges product of south africa oranges optimum duct of south africa hariote du sus on the app or at sale save at least $1.50 lb sale save at least $1 that's like s3 in points andwich ice cream vanillo chicken drumsticks or thighs family size on blueberries product of peru farmers or scotsburn 12.12- premium ice cream supers novelties varieties frozen vere slotsburi farmers vanilla must be registered pc optimber to load and get the others set back page for detalt sale sale save at least $1 sale save at least $2 dance froi save $12 pera menu king cole raw crues nova scotian proin sa callops detoncles congeles de la nouvelle-ecosse pc blue menu nova scotian jumbo sea scallops or tetley tea 216's selected varieties tetley pc pacific large white shrimp raw zipperback seaquest fish fillets qucst selected varieties frozen cano rxox wiekas sale save $2.50 save 98 sale save up to sopim mccain superfries scan me for more deals $2.99 ea coca-cola or pepsi soft drinks selected varieties green giant valley or mccain superfries breakfast or specialty sunt selected varieties chantvere frozen loreal aveeno daily moisturizing lotion or l'oréal paris revitalift triple power lzr aveeno hyaluronic acid revitalift triple power les selected varieties and sizes serun popsi coca-cola cicabila our complete flyer is available online pe express go green join our bin exchange program by opting in during your order checkout we'll swap your bins each time you pick up your groceries

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