Zehrs Flyer - Weekly Catalogues, Sales and Deals


Zehrs operates as a subsidiary of the Loblaws companies. Its Current flyers are packed filled with numerous shopping privileges enabling users to enjoy a worthy return from every penny spent. Zehrs is designed to provide its users with numerous food products.

Zehrs hot deals catalogue is home to hundreds of renowned shopping opportunities. Using the Zehrs official website would grant you instant access to a homepage packed filled with thousands of discounted goods.

With provision for its users to enjoy a renowned discount in every season, its shopping catalog earned the term ‘President choice.' Operating with numerous exceptional shopping stores across Canada, you can enjoy its shopping services and rest assured that regardless of what your grocery shopping list looks like, walking into a Zehrs store would meet all your requirements at discounted prices.

About Zehrs Stores

Founded in 1950, Zehrs has grown to become a renowned supermarket across Canada. The superstore made it known from the onset that its customers' satisfaction remains the number one priority. Zehrs currently operates across 48 different locations. Its shopping catalog operates with three distinct names Zehrs Markets, Zehrs Food Plus, and Zehrs Great Food.

All three distinct names are geared towards providing its users with exceptional grocery shopping experiences. Traditional and non-traditional department products such as optical stores and wine shops can be accessed via the Zehrs shopping catalog.

Best Buy in Zehrs

Canada deals 2019 skyrocketed in numbers when compared with previous years. Most of the deals offered at numerous Canada-based shopping platforms contain tons of promotional offers. Purchasing from any of Zehrs’s superstore would grant you instant access to hundreds of hot deals. 

While the traditional Zehrs store is highly valued because it operates based on ensuring that every user is provided with exceptional food items across the globe, it is crucial to note that the non-traditional stores are doing a great job and are proffering some of the best deals Canada has to offer on a regular basis.

Discounted Goods at Zehrs

Undoubtedly, the prices of food products are constantly on the rise. Gaining access to a catalog offering tons of discounts regardless of the season is quite priceless with Zehrs. With hundreds of discount stores online, Zehrs prides itself as one of the most reputable Canada superstore poised to offer its clients affordable food products.

Zehrs specials comprise of numerous discount opportunities that can keep you shopping at discounted prices all year long. Most of the discount opportunities available can be accessed via Zehrs monthly and weekly flyers.

Locations and Working Hours

Accessing the Zehrs official website would grant you instant access to its shopping catalog. With numerous locations distributed across Canada, you would need to use its official website to see what the stores nearest to you have to offer in terms of promotions and discounts. Zehrs headquarters is located at Presidents Choice Circle Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Its shops can be accessed from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Mondays to Saturdays, while on Sundays it opens its doors from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Shopping at Zehrs

Lots of promotional offers are attached to Zehrs current deals. Numerous free coupons for Canada are also accessible via the Rabato website. Regular users on its shopping platform are granted access to loyalty programs offering priceless discount opportunities.

Newest Offers in Zehrs Every Day

At Zehrs, every day provides you with new requirements and reasons to review your deal. To keep a tab on all the remarkable deals offered at Zehrs on a regular basis, it is advisable to subscribe to their email newsletters or follow them via their social media platforms. Explore all the Rabato hot deals available at Zehrs.