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Tupperware is a well-known food container company that can be recognized around the world. Nearly everyone has a memory of their mothers scanning the paper looking for Tupperware catalogue or attempting to organize their Tupperware cabinet. Their products can last ages once purchased because they are of such high quality. The company has contributed to the re-usable product movement and its products come in handy inside any kitchen or living space.

All About Tupperware Stores 

Tupperware was founded by a man named Earl Tupper during the year 1948 in Leominster, Massachusetts. The idea was to create airtight containers that would keep food fresh for longer periods of time and decrease household food waste. Its direct sale program helped create a space for women in the workplace. Since then, they have gone global and racked up billions of dollars in revenue. The retailer itself is a subsidiary of its parent, Tupperware Brands Corporation. 

Locations and Opening Hours

Tupperware is not sold often through its own retail locations. It is more commonly sold by big-box retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond. Its products can also be bought through the retailer’s official website, tupperware.com. This is probably the most convenient place to buy their products. In Canada though, there are a few physical Tupperware locations. They are generally open from around 9 or 10 a.m. to around 6 or 9 p.m., though it varies by location. 

Tupperware catalogue 2021

Tupperware’s brand name has pretty much become synonymous with food storage containers. They sell a variety of different food items, varying from glass baking dishes to soup mugs and more. Their products come in different materials, including glass for those who worry about the toxicity of plastic. The containers and dishes also come in all sizes and colors and span a wide price range. If you have a kitchen, you will be able to use some Tupperware.

It is not uncommon to see Tupperware flyers advertising their products at great deals. To ensure that they are providing their customers with opportunities to save on everything they need, they often rotate what they put on sale. They consistently pick a few products to sell during current promotions from all of their different categories, including: 

  • Kitchen Tools
  • Cookware and Bakeware
  • Serveware
  • Food Storage

They also sell products for kids, as well as containers for taking on the go. 

Catalogue Tupperware - check out on Rabato!

Tupperware is a household staple at this point, but that does not mean it has to cost you a fortune. Rabato is here to help you save money by offering you weekly Tupperware flyers. Rabato regularly updates its flyers to make sure you are always getting the most current deals possible. Bookmarking Rabato on your computer’s homepage is a good way to remind yourself to check the site often for savings at all of your favorite retailers.

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