Avon Flyer - 07/04-07/25/2021 (Page 215)

perioe oral care for a healthy bright smile bath & body white action toothpaste fluoride-free formula with baking soda effectively cleans and whitens strong mint original mint royal black bee honey mint toothpaste royal jelly and australian remove plaque and whiten teeth perioe royal toothpas sepertoe white action odition in the white action toothbrush effectively removes plaque and surface medium bristles for healthy mouth white action the скве honey mint menthe et med toothpaste booster gel activates whitening toothpaste to remove stains and whiten teeth faster and more effectively than with innovative dual system! booster gel accelerates whitening power whitening toothpaste with hydrogen with hydrogen to instantly remove stains from food and lipstick teeth whitening pen clear gel with hydrogen peroxide with easy silicone tip is thera-white perioe thera-white perioe peroe pink mild mint charcoal cool mint

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