Avon Flyer - 07/18-08/17/2021 (Page 212)

perioe perioe perice royal toothpaste himalaya pinksal royal black bee honey mint toothpaste fluoride-free with royal jelly and australian propolis extract with regular brushing this toothpaste helps fight plaque and whiten teeth honey mint himalaya pinksalt pumping himalaya pink salt ice mint pumping toothpaste creamy paste in easy-to-use pump himalaya pink salt ice mint toothpaste tube pink gel paste with aloe vera essence fluoride-free tastaturi avon ack bee avon honey mint menthe et med white action vegan oral care to help keep your smile flavours and colour-coded easy-grip toothbrushes toothpaste fluoride-free formula with baking soda cleans and whitens teeth while naturally toothbrush gently and effectively removes plaque and surface stains with round-edge bristles white action perioe white action

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