Calgary Co-op Flyer - 12/27-01/01/2021 (Page 6)

the laugh vach essen deli la panzanella or lesley stowe raincoast crisps assorted varieties founders farmers &aa talim double cream brie boursin raincoast crisps boursin boursin assorted varieties antipasto misto founders & farmers double cream brie or camembert 300g sobre laughing cow vor silbra prosciutto parma assorted varieties sabra for stora marc angelo sliced italian meats or chubs assorted varieties sabra hummus assorted varieties castello mix & for powdores match snowdonia truffle trove select varieties plus enter to • cheese pany sac reese win retele com troyes castello slate cheeseboard purchase individual products for $5 each "see in-store for details meals ready to go we've got holiday cooking all wrapped up! pre-order now in the deli - limited quantities available torte molaman new heat and herve serves 12" pizza & flatbread off fully cooked ready to serve mashed potatoes 5009 vegetables 5000 bakery tray buns 12 pack plus opplacable to made en store baked fuck en-store bakery gate gourmet muffins assorted varieties calo garys garys naked cal & gary's en store white baguette or artisan sourdough bread cal & gary's garlic bread irresistables cheesecake or chocolate lovers 1kg dempster's bagels assorted varieties villaggi demps classico bagels dempsters villaggio ivet bagels pizza dough assorted varieties villaggio bread assorted varieties country harvest bread assorted varieties pick up profiteroles at our bakery and fill with your own baileys whipped cream wk08-pg.6

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