Calgary Co-op - Christmas 2019 Flyer Flyer - 12/05-12/11/2019 (Page 3)

_12 roast of christmas countdown on now! sale sale western canadian western canadian co-op whole chickens sungold premium alberta frenched lamb rack value pack random cryovac wrapped certified halal sale western canadian sale butterball turkey roast co-op pork belly selected varieties by the piece cut by your local butcher sale sale lea garlic ail garlic - ail derlea garlic echelon bacon wrapped turducken roast with italian sausage assorted varieties sale sale carrots bunch produce of u.s.a sale yellow onions produce of western canada freybe теа lea cognac bate te grote au cognac organic lea lea freybe gourmet paté selected varieties gluten free grown at home leen of sale sale sale castello brie co-op gold pure artisan sourdough baked by your local baker co-op gold florentine or stuffed cookies selected varieties теа cheese-fromage теа castello danish brie or camembert selected varieties sale sale la grille seasonings or spices mccormick gourmet or club house seasoning sauce or gravy mix selected varieties lea теа lilien mccormick la grille bbq mollandare originale kraft bbq sauce filippo berio olive oil 1l or co-op gold avocado oil 500 ml unwrap the season co-op 02 week 50 calco

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