Calgary Co-op Flyer - 04/08-04/14/2021 (Page 4)

only alberta chicken meat lean ground pork value pack ground in-store daily 100% western canadian only alberta beef chicken breast back attached value pack & air chilled ль beef simmering or braising short ribs value pack cut from canada aa beef or higher all co-op beef is raised right here in alberta cale garys only alberta beef cal & gary's flat iron grilling steak cryovac sealed for maximum flavour & tenderness cut from canada aaa beef grilling steak value pack aged 14 days cut from canada aa beef or higher lemon herb flattened chicken also available at full service meat counters organic pacific snapper fillet also available at full service seafood counters seafood powerhouse of low-fat protein wild ocean wild chinook red spring salmon fillet also available at full service seafood counters tilapia fillets farmed also available at full service seafood counters suis salvillage husky con new moreo lalmon price aquastar cut shrimp a scallops trettes et petencies aqua san shrimp & statiops es et poche where smoked ballon srirach californu salmon village wild pink smoked salmon nuggets whisky or tequila lime pepper previously frozen shisu sushi rolls 368g frozen aqua star shrimp & scallop mix 300g frozen best from the west natural sausage natura ultimate meat lilydale nature natural natural sausage ultimate lilydale daystarter turkey slices maple leaf natural selections sliced meats maple leaf natural sausage breakfast links or rounds fully cooked maple lodge farms ultimate chicken frankfurter founders farmers new cals garys cale garys sk luft poêler atsed without antibiotics skilift poêler mozzard jlami sukk checchi jaised without bloties prime chicken strips avis cals garys neatless cal & burger gary's veggie or plant based burger • 6789 frozen founders & farmers sausage ring ukrainian or ham olivieri skillet gnocchi maple leaf prime rwa breaded chicken strips or burgers frozen canadian harvest bread baked baked jumbo cookies assorted varieties in-store dn-store bakery dempster pempster baked wak in stole calabrese or evening buns dempster's whole grain breads assorted varieties dempsters dempsters boran only cale garys burger gro must try

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