Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/26-06/01/2022 (Page 5)

meat seafood wk30-pg.4 boneless pork loin sirloin chops family pack 100% western canadian only alberta beef top sirloin medallion grilling steaks family pack aged 14 days cut from canada aa beef or higher johnsonville ons gauss sauchies & bladdey orenales johnsonville sachsee haups prime baised without dibielice eleve sans antibiotiques beef simmering or braising short ribs family pack aged 14 days cut from canada aa beef or higher maple leaf prime rwa boneless skinless chicken breast air chilled & canadian farm raised impossible maple leaf prime extra lean burger ground chicken nolan prime memember raised on chas exclusive canadian johnsonville grind or smoked forms delevage canadien & canadian farm raised sausage 54⁹ previously frozen 6.⁹⁹ impossible burger previously frozen prepared in-store by your local butcher grill & oven ready also available at full service meat counters chicken or pork kabob with vegetables 100% western canadian jalapeno & cheddar maple bacon or backyard only mushroom best from the spolumbo's! alberta beef west gourmet all beef burgers 8oz spolumbo's pork & beef burgers made fush in store ocean 39.9⁹ see yellowfin tuna steaks or loins previously frozen available at full service seafood cases wild best from the west best from the west chicken breast back attached or whole chicken wings family pack raised by an alberta farm family 49⁹ ocean only alberta chicken steelhead trout fillets farmed family pack available at full service seafood cases tilapia fillets farmed available at full service seafood cases only alberta beef plant based ocean unse how more lace individer wild emon garlic stron et ail ford action salmon village whisky war for smoked salmon kust seupety memember exclusive leaf crab delectables sredhod clover leaf crab or lobster delectables go green ocean wild argentine shrimp skewers 228g frozen waterview market shrimp & sauce 480g frozen 6.⁹⁹ salmon village wild pink salmon nuggets previously frozen 7⁹⁹ 4⁹⁹ 10⁹⁹

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