Calgary Co-op Flyer - 09/17-09/23/2020 (Page 3)

founders farmers it tastes better from it started as the seed of an idea – grown into a line of products our original founders and farmers would proudly call their own and use at home "berta only alberta beef save $2 strip loin grilling steak beef or higher there's no "right way" to cook up this are pan seared and finished in the oven just don't bring it near your microwave made in-store off cal & gary's vegetable steamer bags alberta raised rotisserie chicken mango chipotle ilb 27% savings lamb shanks cryovac cale garys prepared in-store only alberta lamb founders & farmers deli chicken ль 40% savings cal & gary's pork loin centre roast boneless founders farmers founders farmers toenders varmers prepared in-store save 300 founders & farmers white or 100% whole wheat bread founder tarmes hite bre whole wheat bread chicken strips paslan inment founders tammers chicken burgers chicken nuggets cal & gary's chicken pot pies family size cale garys alcorta rises ber steak spice founders & farmers breaded chicken dvd be case alferta bel save $1 cale | garys sirloin save $4.50 cal & gary's all beef burgers founders & farmers clamshell cals cedure parmer eas yellow cal & gary's sparkling water founders farmers i'm for founders & farmers yellow mustard cal founders & farmers large white eggs wk38-pg3

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