Calgary Co-op Flyer - 05/07-05/13/2020 (Page 4)

fresh asparagus imported pineapple whole imported ль fresh produce pink lady apples product of usa extra fancy grade for living lettuce or red leaf alberta grown canada no.1 fresh fresh express iceberg garden srdin kebet best from west tomatoes on the vine alberta grown cantaloupe imported garden salad or coleslaw product of usa fresh 5lb bummy ins mes de terre here 149 red or white onions product of usa baby cut carrots product of usa 21b bag fresh kale product of usa russet potatoes product of usa bunch mlade luk en store organic organic made in-store earthbound salads product of usa assorted varieties bananas imported watermelon slices or wedges imported fruit and vegetable trays imported alb ль west from the west 5" orchid imported 13" deluxe planter grown in alberta senetti gift bags grown in alberta bakery floral made made in-store th-store in-store triple layer chocolate cake select varieties mother's day cupcakes petite strudels assorted varieties alpine bread best from the west calgary italian bakery tuxedo or village beer bun sliders package of 12 mini cheesecakes including gluten free assorted varieties mini cookies package of 12 assorted varieties dempster's hot dog or hamburger buns package of 12 deli roast beef sliced fresh in-store select varieties blackforest ham sliced fresh in-store deli reser's salads 1.25kg assorted varieties pillers led man maine au fos ole boursin boursin balderson cheddar bulk assorted varieties cut instore boursin pillers turkey bites assorted varieties reser's bistro baked side dishes assorted varieties off assorted varieties calgary women's emergency shelter wk19-pg2

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