Calgary Co-op Flyer - 06/24-06/30/2021 (Page 4)

fresh produce dessert cut stone fruit in half remove pits and brush minutes and serve with ice cream nectarines or or black plums product of usa rainier cherries washington grown alb cale garys cal & gary's guacamole dip avocados extra large imported made in-store off cale cal&gary's garys salad mixes pln off green onions or radishes product of hail iceberg lettuce product of usa made taylor in store bummy-lov rady.cut carrots carottes coupe everything ute garnie osaline roue taylor dill pičku cornichons l'aneth chives russet potatoes baby carrots 2lb bag product of usa cros cals garys chives product of usa trail cal & gary's carrot sticks russet potatoes 5lb bag product of usa made di store taylor farms salad kits assorted varieties product of usa taste the goodness organic organic organic black plums product of usa rganeo degree bang krown crepe teen nectarines organic grape tomatoes imported organic sweet peppers product of usa no 1 grade efer organic peaches or nectarines 21b bag product of usa we support local growers so brightening someone's day with flowers also brightens.our community floral best from west best west canada day bouquet bc grown gyp bouquet alberta grown 4" gerbera bc grown canadian harvest bread cal & gary's french bread cale canvs baked fuit dn-store bakery based en-store dempsey dempster's whole grain breads assorted dempsters dempsters cinnamon railine humein 369 bbq sim best corral small pieces! wk34-pg.4

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