Costco Flyer - 07/01-08/31/2020 (Page 45)

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for your table perfect pork ribs learn to prepare your own succulent rack of ribs at home by laura langston complete without a feast of pork ribs to make this perennial favourite at home costco connection you'll find pork baby back ribs and spareribs in the meat department and you can find other ingredients elsewhere in the warehouse racks and rubs ribs or extra-meaty back ribs are tender and or side ribs have longer bones than baby back brisket bone and cartilage removed for a uniform cut especially well suited to barbecuing to gauge portions is to note that a rack with 10 to one very hungry person could polish off a rack by themselves pork ribs are a perfect canvas for many be basted with your favourite barbecue sauce or they can be finished with a sweet sticky sauce low and slow before grilli place them in a covered roasting pan on a rack above a layer of water or wrap preparing ribs racks of ribs have a meat bone side is sometimes coated with a thin whitish removed before cooking one end of the rib rack and detached flap and gently tear it away from the ribs are sold with the mem-

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