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according to designed the first smart- watch in 1998." tech connection by marc saltzman what we went through in 2020 health redo year watch if your goal is to focus more on activity tracker or smartwatch might and take more mental health breaks while features may vary between fitness devices help start the year off on the right foot workout tracking activity bands and smartwatches companion app or website many of today's wearables can automatically detect what kind of activity to optimize their sensors for the most devices also pair with gym equipment and many will remind you when it's time ing or meditation exercise during the day ables offer fall detection and will call emergency services and select contacts if they detect a sudden drop and you don't confirm you're ok sevag sagherian sleep data many activity trackers and smart- watches can give you a detailed view of your sleep patterns by measuring your heart rate and movement while you're information to estimate how much time specialists may be able to identify and address sleep-related issues these vibrating wearables can also discreetly wake you up from your slumber marc saltzman is a leading high-tech reporter and author he's on twitter @marc_saltzman saltzman will answer selected questions in that unpublished questions cannot be answered individually health monitoring many smartwatches can monitor sensors that can measure your heart rate devices have an embedded electrocardio- the amount of oxygen carried in your body by sending light into your wrist email [email protected] please include "tech connection" in the subject line costco connection and activity trackers and garmin are available in the ware- houses and at while they help you on your fitness and health journey wearables can do much produce a slight buzz on email comes in • notify you when a calen- dar appointment is coming up or if someone commented on your instagram photo • let you change the clock face to suit your taste • allow you to control music playing on your smart- watch or nearby phone • let you assign a credit or debit card and then tap to buy something at retail.-ms

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