Farm Boy Flyer - 10/22-10/28/2020 (Page 4)

farm boy passata farm boytm perogies your super smooth sauce starter! save $0.49 ea farm boyτμ whole wheat pasta bronze drawn for added texture save $1.00 ea farm boytm stone-baked pizzas enjoy a delicious authentic pizzeria meal at home in minutes! farm boytm vegan cookies varieties of crispy satisfying cookies! peanut butter perde choose from bite-sized comfort! cookies perogies pranala prussala pkg green valley free run eggs medium or large save $0.50 neal brothers organic pasta sauce arrabbiata or tomato basil save $1.50 ea neal brothers danone oikos greek yogurt all varieties including organic oikos save $1.00 to 1.30 ea betty light bread or raisin bread enjoy for your lunchtime creations save $1.00 ea farm boy waffle cookie ice cream sandwiches oikos woo local leger light sesmark thin crackers all varieties save $0.99 alexia dorset cereals frozen fries or onion rings muesli all varieties packed with save $0.50 wholesome goodies all varieties alexia save $1.00 ea waffle cut dorset cereals pulp & press three farmers organic cold pressed juices seasoned chickpeas natural goodness! 22 all varieties all varieties save $1.49 ure save $1.00 ea chickpeas baricu win local elmhurst plant-based beverages all varieties gluten free save $1.00 ea schär gluten free deli bread save $1.00 ea farm boyτμ kale & spinach tofu dip made with organic yegan dip or spread! tofu dip save $1.00 ea the gfb gluten free bites all varieties agfb ecoideas organic konjac noodles or rice all varieties sonjac gluten free konjac 10 save $0.50 ea almond med cases lolla sverre bites ptofu di yegan vegan the bake shop vegan vegan fresh from our chefs serves nes fitte fresh baked croissants all varieties authentic pistachio baklava save baked in store ciabatta piccolo upgrade your lunchtime sandwiches with this light pillowy bread! baked daily save $0.50 ea baked fresh in store flaxseed bread made with wholesome for breakfast save $0.50 ea farm boytm slow cooked dinners satisfying! beef pot roast or braised beef 950g-1 kg farm boy family-sized power salads conquer hunger with our made salads! dressing included farm boyτμ leek & potato soup enjoy the delicious homemade flavour of this classic recipe made daily in small batches! farm boytm guacamole regular or spicy or try guacamole serves

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