Farm Boy Flyer - 02/06-02/12/2020 (Page 7)

pantry staples prenium virginia flame baked garlic naan organic double dipped dark chocolate covered roasted peanuts farm boytm flame baked naan flame-baked as a nod to the traditional tandoor the side of curries and for naan pizzas! all varieties farm boytm organic soup our line of hearty soups is made with only the best organic ingredients and bring out their rich flavours coco save $0.49 ea all varieties farm boy™ double dipped chocolate covered peanuts perfectly toasted premium virginia peanuts double dipped in milk or dark chocolate for the ultimate snack! save $5.49 ea tusca minestrone soup premium virginia double dipped lk chocolate covered roasted peanuts carlm bon mehr organici farm boyτμ indian cooking sauces all varieties save $1.00 ea mitchell's soup co chili or soup mixes all varieties save $2.00 ea farm boyτμ all natural cranberry cocktail farm boytm pasta sauce all varieties save $0.49 ea tomsto basil tomato rasil cranberry cranberry cocktail oakrun farm english muffins farm boyt grain breads all varieties save $1.00 ea oakrun farm farm boytm fair trade organic coffee pods all varieties fair trade organic coffee tegast farm boytm all natural peanut butter made with 100% dry roasted peanuts peanut pean butt oakrun farm sarm bos organic case of 10 farm boy organic crunchy oats cereal save $1.00 on apple color variatie select varieties cinnam think! high protein bars all varieties save $0.79 ea made good organic snack bars farm boyτμ organic beans all varieties save $0.32 ea ed kidney beans farm boy organic nor ghio chick peas think! woooooo hink! mind berry granola bars kam bor croes garm bot rm bon organic gluten free organic organic whole alternative organic microwave organic popcorn microwav butter or natural the gfb gluten free bites all varieties com konjac penne kronacho onjac lai style onjaci conjac noodles ecoideas organic konjac noodles made with konjac root are naturally gluten and carb free - lighten up your favourite pasta dishes with a quick swap! all varieties nor các organic microwave pop farm bos nem bon toon organic gluten free organic

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