Farm Boy Flyer - 04/29-05/05/2021 (Page 4)

farm boyt gelato or sorbet farm boyτμ non-gmo organic beans protein to your meals for extra heartiness! enjoy our regular urganic or no-added-salt varieties in bricnou gato black beans chick your favourite spring-inspired peas salads or dips salt farm boyτμ gourmet mustards make your taste buds dance! from sweet to mustards add pizzazz to garlic dil smoked a charcuterie boards made in small batches with over a dozen flavours available new favourite! barm boy celato myy mustar star wlery coconut sorbet soittamise world local oakrun farm english muffins all varieties starbucks ground coffee pike place or true north save $2.00 ea la croix la san marzano flavoured sparkling water pasta or pizza sauce now available in all varieties save $1.50 ea farm boyτμ grain breads all varieties save $0.99 ea which trul north noroiul tonica organic kombucha all varieties save $0.49 ea kind fruit & nut bars all varieties gluten-free save $0.62 ea or quinoa chips all varieties gluten-free simply save $0.99 ea farm boytm school friendly cookies and allergen-free save $1.00 ea farm boym baguette crisps infused with flavour and double baked bacuette crisps varieties to enjoy simply bibly web oatmeal chocolate cool local vegan local nupasta organic konjac noodles all varieties gluten-free save $1.49 ea elmhurst plant-based beverages all varieties gluten-free save $2.00 ea liberté organic yogurt all varieties save $1.30 to $2.00 ea schär farm boytm gluten-free bread or buns organic chocolate milk all varieties refundable bottle deposit is required save $0.49 ea nupassa almond came shop esiti nupasta uberte vegan local bake shop farm boyτμ keto krackers now available in french onion and salt & vinegar save fresh from our chefs farm boytm homestyle hummus serves farm boytm family-sized cobb made with chickpeas or power salads available in new or starter buffalo style! dressing included farm boyτμ farm boytm spicy buffalo chicken chicken wings quesadilla perfectly cooked wings in our house-made our chefs! just buffalo sauce heat and enjoy dipinduded dips induded baked in-store croissant buns to level up your sandwiches and burgers save farm boytm 8" chocolate chip pecan pie true family favourite! sal all varieties baked in store pain de paris base for your favourite homemade 00 appetizers save $0.49 ea

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