Farm Boy Flyer - 07/16-07/22/2020 (Page 4)

talk about fresh! value is 100% guaranteed pkg crisp mini cucumbers product of canada three cheers for local cherries! cherry lovers rejoice - ontario cherry season is here! their peak ripeness and delivered fresh daily for the very fresh top radishes product of canada local little potato co creamer potatoes ontario cherries product of canada green onions product of canada buy ooh terutro using rule little pu little potato little pou company company comory pkg case personal watermelons product of usa zesty limes product of mexico black plum cases product of spain atena bag min haas avocados product of mexico fresh lemons product of south africa granny smith apples extra fancy grade product of spain organic floral ontario grown contario grown organic spinach product of canada organic seedless cucumbers product of canada bright summer bouquets vibrant and cheerful these bouquets are sure to add a splash of colour to your space sarm bor farm organic organic please visit for a full list of store addresses to find a location near you!

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