Farm Boy Flyer - 10/01-10/07/2020 (Page 3)

from canadian farms to your table! smoked ham jambon fume cell farm boyτμ boneless ontario smoked ham blend of alder and maple hardwoods in hams are as easy to carve as they are delicious great addition to your holiday feast! product of canada farm boyτμ fresh local turkey treat your family to the best this thanksgiving doesn't lose any precious juices to the thawing process and cooks up moist we guarantee it! lots of small sizes available product of canada taimeroy fresh on taloon turkey desde jelededono ontario pork local ль farm boyτμ maple wood smoked bacon in two generous stay-fresh portions - no added waste or repacking required! product of canada fresh chicken drumsticks or thighs of our farm boy cooking & grilling cooking sheet! product of canada chicken bacon scheese farm boytm smoked sausages inspired by our best-selling fresh sausage flavours this time smoked! fully cooked and ready to add to your favourite dishes all varieties product of canada spicy spanish chorizo cut from canada aaa beef prime rib oven roast naturally aged at least 14 days for the ultimate with the cap removed for best value product of canada mild italian canadian be deli cheese font sorted doces triple cream brie local farm boytm italian deli meats of deli meats from the masters of antipasto all varieties brandt premium oven roasted chicken salads or wraps save farm boy farmstead cheese traditional cheese-making meets ontario milk! choose from emmental or fontina product of canada st-albert dairy co-op old cheddar and scones! angus roast beef enhance this sandwich star with farm boytm horseradish save brandt kolbassa chubs this ontario-made classic is a lunchbox must-have! save como $1.00 ea farm boytm triple cream brie our ultra-buttery brie offers a fresh milk flavour with a slightly tangy finish product of canada bothwell smoked gouda cold smoked for a sweet and smoky flavour tayy save save local cut or sliced product of canada cut in store product of canada

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