Farm Boy - Black Friday 2020 Flyer - 11/26-12/02/2020 (Page 4)

farm boytm all natural peanut butter butters are deliciously spreadable and 100% natural! made with freshly ground dry roasted preservatives or trans fats butter farm boyτμ rainbow veggie fries to traditional fries! our new rainbow veggie fries features sto alkohor rainbow beetroots you can enjoy baked or veggie fries fried as a fun side or on their own! tes farm boyτμ authentic stone-baked flatbreads five tasty and unique flavours save $1.00 ea datens lletta riteris butten meriterials flatcas liberté greek yogurt all varieties save $0.79 dempster's stay fresh breads white or whole wheat save $0.79 ea farm boy large omega-3 eggs la fournée dorée mini brioche buns package of 12 farm boyτμ new york style cheesecake available in milk chocolate swirl cheesecake or raspberry swirl save $1.00 ea one стро valla cheesecake local zevia simply orange juice all varieties save $1.00 ea bridgehead fair trade coffee all varieties whole bean or ground zero sugar soda all varieties danone oikos greek yogurt all varieties including organic oikos save $1.00 to $1.30 ea farm boyτμ organic pickles crunchy and full of made pickles are sure to be a hit! many simply mplu oringe unge zevia bile oikos local local farm boym vegan cookies enjoy four fully vegan varieties of crispy cookies butter cookies stoked oats oatmeal blends all varieties gluten free save $2.00 ea pacific foods organic broth or soup all varieties pacific save $1.00 ea paqui tortilla chips all varieties gluten free paqui save $1.29 ea rise organic kombucha all varieties including 1 g sugar save $1.00 ea seked oat red ipper tomato so paqui rise like oats vegan the bake shop forum fresh traditional ciabatta piccolo upgrade your sandwiches with this light and fluffy bread! baked fresh daily save $0.50 ea fruit filled turnovers perfect for snack time farm boyτμ 8" apple or pumpkin pie delicious end to any meal save $1.00 ea baked fresh daily white country round bread only natural ingredients fresh from our chefs farm boy new gluten free fresh pasta for a hearty meal everyone can enjoy mushroom & ricotta ravioli farm boyτμ farm boyτμ fresh pasta sauce fresh pesto made from scratch in our small batch pesto is our kitchen with simple made fresh in the farm boy kitchen! enjoy perfect partner for fresh pasta! and more save

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