Farm Boy Flyer - 09/17-09/23/2020 (Page 4)

farm boy perogies european-inspired comfort food that's sure to satisfy! farm boytm organic tea blends start your day with a cozy mug organic teas farm boytm waffle cookie ice cream sandwiches farm boy artisan pasta all varieties save $1.00 on whole wheat farm boyτμ stone-baked pizza enjoy an authentic pizzeria meal in minutes! perogies pkg farm boyτμ large omega-3 eggs our canada a eggs are produced by hens fed a dietrich in wholesome flax vita coco dempster's 100% pure coconut water grain breads rehydrate with all varieties clean & refreshing save $1.29 ea coconut water! save $1.49 ea stefano faita pasta sauces all varieties save $1.00 to $2.00 ea stefano farm boy no sugar added juices save $1.00 ea blueberry be lombia dempster bauceviance meat sauce local loop family sized raw cold-pressed juice all varieties save $1.00 ea mary's gone crackers organic crackers all varieties gluten free made good snack bars or cookies made & gluten free save $1.29 liberté organic yogurt all varieties save $1.79 to $2.49 ea rise organic kombucha with probiotic goodness save $2.00 ea marys made loop loop good 2170 rise lirerte liviva organic bean pasta all varieties gluten free save $1.49 to $1.99 ea eden organic beans all varieties len save $0.79 garmio to $1.29 ea organic meadow organic milk save $0.50 ea stonemill bake house organic breads all varieties save $1.49 ea bio-k+ 100% probiotic all varieties spagetti pen bio-k1 ort local the bake shop farm boyτμ 8" strawberry rhubarb pie golden crust save $1.00 ea traditional pistachio baklava of honey! save fresh baked country round bread only natural ingredients save $0.50 ea apple or cherry turnovers indulgence save fresh from our chefs farm boy farm boy leek & potato soup homestyle quiches rich in homemade flavour! made with fresh veggies seo made in small batches with real cream and tasty herbs yukon gold potatoes and flaky crust! real cream all varieties farm boytm farm boytm hot meals to go mixed salads to go enjoy our hot bar classics many of your salad bar prepared fresh daily and favourites made fresh and packaged ready to enjoy to go! on the go! all varieties all varieties

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