Food Basics Flyer - 03/25-03/31/2021 (Page 2)

fill your basket for less ritz triscuit fresh cedar original mussels-moules phoenicia original mastro mastro dark red kidney beans cedar mastro olive oil selected as phoenicia fresh live canadian cove sectores extra virgin titra virgin chick peas this week only this week only atra viero sitra virror this week only each each ahoy! each don's bakery original cedar chick peas or beans show each hot cross buns brioches du carême icle christie cookies or crackers boned salted cod bits morceau de molesale boned saltld fish chelsea bone-in or boned salted cod bits or pollock banane this week only brioche chelsea this week only don's bakery hot cross buns கர்பமாகப irresistibles brioche bread or buns irresistibles orange juice juice blends or smoothie smoothie strawberry banana tetley each tetley tea muchos this week only orangerkon this week only a.s.e pacific white shrim crevettes blanches du pacifique each each pacific white sturm mixed vegetables macédoine legumes ces nanches sweet baby peas petits pois locked down @ du panches this week only de alles de gaul oîkos each each see more selection vegetables irresistibles rawior cooked pacific white shrimp blue tide squid rings 1-46 philadelphia cream cheese liberté or oikos greek yogourt liberte greek maxwell house coffee pods deco antis orumstick maxwell bay scallops potoncies de balo this week only prenticom philadelphia original cream ones house blend lange maison salmon saumon each each this week only irresistibles smoked salmon or raw bay each scallor nestle real dairy ice cream 15 novelties -105 icnd varieties sher kraft parliament gold tubo extra ovog basmati rice midieo durum atta desi style meatballs boulettes italian sttle campbell's broth habitant soup suche campbells meatballs boulettes chicken foulet habitant this week only peasoup this week only smoked hal all aisles lead home kitchens of the world this week only smooth cremeux kraft peanut butter to hazelnut spreads selected varit parliament gold basmati rice or sher durum atta flour sslich is irresistibles fully cooked meatballs always in stock always great prices always fresh

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