Food Basics Flyer - 06/13-06/19/2019 (Page 2)

always more for less happy father's day boz burgers prime rib beef burgers were burns frie the keg this week only each the keg prime rib beef burgers selected varieties roal simple vrai maple this week only top dogs original schneiders redhots this week only tout roc california cherries schneiders red hots or maple leaf top dogs wieners 375g selected varieties rea italian style pork sausages selected varieties rea this week only mild italian sausage card ready to cook saucisse italienne douce sanurée peet cuir boomer gold little potete • company each this week only üghtlife les sale sesi plant-based burger each avocados the little potato company fresh creamer potatoes com each lightlife plant based burgers 2276 roodland dempstets dempsters deluxe this week only sic bun the classic bun nempster's dempster's deluxe buns pack 6-8 selected varieties farms sinceurs this week only bact deli classics potato stod this week only whole white or cremini mushrooms grape tomatoes peeled baby carrots deli & cheese macaroni clossics sod each keybrand salads selected varieties fulfmul1fmul1fmul1v4 fb2fb2fb2

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